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Ranger Aerospace Ranger Aerospace Featured at 3 Private Equity Conferences

December 10, 2010

GREENVILLE, S.C., Dec. 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Ranger Aerospace, a private equity consolidator that specializes in aerospace/defense and aviation buyouts, has been a featured company in 3 capital markets conferences in late 2010. Conference hosts were Houlihan Lokey, UBS, and Imperial Capital.

Ranger’s latest consolidation platform is called Ranger International Services Group, Inc., which focuses on government technical services operations. Ranger International has grown rapidly from under $24 Million at inception in January 2009 to a forecast of over $100 Million for 2011, and employs over 1000 people in airfield services, base logistics, heavy vehicle MRO and RESET, and technical staffing/engineering services.

In late October, Ranger was one of the featured middle market growth companies at Houlihan Lokey’s large annual Aerospace/Defense/Govt. Services private equity symposium in Washington DC.  In November, Ranger was a featured participant at UBS’ annual Aerospace Suppliers Conference in Naples FL. In December, Ranger was a presenting company at Imperial Capital’s annual Security Investor Conference in Washington DC. In all 3 conferences, Ranger’s message was the same: “We are growing Ranger International Services Group aggressively despite the troubled economy, have record-high backlogs, and good momentum for 2011.”

Steve Townes, Ranger Aerospace founder and CEO of Ranger International said: “Key leaders in the capital markets and aerospace services industry recognize the strong niche brand we have built with Ranger over the years. We are middle market operators and business-builders, specialists in positive transformations. This newest Ranger platform is developing excellent velocity for 2011 and beyond.”

Founded in early 1997, Ranger Aerospace has transacted over $360 Million in its numerous buy/sell events and capital investments across multiple platforms, has created over 2500 new permanent jobs in its successful ventures, follows a quality-first growth strategy, and has attained “IRR” on institutional equity as high as 51pct in its best “realized” exits thus far. Ranger’s largest and best recognized ventures have been ASIG and Keystone Helicopter, both of which were grown dramatically by Ranger, then later divested to multi-billion sized conglomerates. In its previous successfully exited consolidations, Ranger Aerospace made significant value enhancements in the aerospace services companies that it operated, driving business development via investments in people initiatives, capital equipment, quality systems, process improvements and LEAN innovations, and enhanced customer service programs. In its two largest previous ventures, Ranger caused most of the value creation for its shareholders and employees through internal improvements and aggressive sales growth of the initial platform company, combined with complementary acquisitions. In all of its operations, Ranger Aerospace enforces a serious and continuous focus on Quality, Safety, and F.A.R. Compliance.

Jeffrey Hartman, the Chief Financial Officer, said: “Doing acquisitions and growing companies in the midst of today’s economic turmoil has not been easy. Thankfully we have strong institutional shareholders combined with a proven management bench.”

Ranger Aerospace, with headquarters in Greenville SC, is a privately held investment and management holding company that partners with private equity institutions to acquire and grow companies in aviation services and aerospace/defense support operations. Ranger and its co-investors add value to acquired companies via seasoned veterans experienced in aviation services, aerospace program management, engineering, finance, corporate development, government contracting, MIS, marketing & strategic planning, executive recruiting, Total Quality Management, LEAN initiatives, mergers & acquisitions, post-merger integration, and turnarounds. Ranger and its co-investors add value to acquired companies via seasoned veterans experienced in an array of aerospace/defense operations, engineering, business services, TQM, marketing, and private equity. 

Forward Looking Statements: The Company from time to time may discuss forward-looking information. Except for factual historical information, all forward looking statements are estimates by the Company’s management and are subject to various risks and uncertainties that are beyond the Company’s control and may cause actual results to differ materially from management’s expectations.