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Ranger Aerospace CAV International Appoints Col. (ret.) Keith "Goose" Moncrief as Vice President – Operations

November 17, 2010

GREENVILLE, S.C., Nov. 17, 2010 — CAV International, Inc., a US Government outsourcing contractor with expertise in airfield services & logistics, has appointed Col. (ret.) Keith “Goose” Moncrief to Vice President – Operations.  CAV (pronounced as in “cavalry”) is a subsidiary of Ranger International Services Group, a private equity consolidator specialized in aerospace/defense services. CAV’s largest current customers include USAF’s Air Mobility Command and the US Transportation Command, so Moncrief’s own Air Force heritage serves CAV well.

Moncrief joins CAV after his recent retirement from the US Air Force, wrapping up almost 29 years of military service. He most recently was Chief of the Air Transportation Division, Headquarters Air Mobility Command, Scott Air Force Base, IL. During his term there, he provided policy and guidance to organize, train and equip aerial port and traffic management units at 14 major active air installations in the US, and 17 en route locations around the world. His responsibilities included cargo, passenger, intransit visibility, equipment, training and resources, business analysis, and traffic management policy and procedures for Air Mobility Command, all of which directly relate to CAV’s current air base services operations. As the newly appointed Vice President – Operations of CAV International, Moncrief will take charge of all the day to day operations of CAV’s 19 field locations around the globe. He will be responsible for mission completion, F.A.R. compliance, and leading continuous improvement strategies. This appointment is another step toward CAV’s long term goal of becoming the largest and best independent Airfield Services & Logistics government outsourcing contractor in the industry.

Moncrief holds a Master’s degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the US Naval War College, a Master’s degree in Air Mobility Management from the Air Force Institute of Technology, and a Master’s in Education from Troy University. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Baylor University.

Bill McLendon, CEO of CAV, said: “CAV is fortunate to have an accomplished leader such as Keith ‘Goose’ Moncrief join our ranks. Goose is widely recognized as a true expert in our sector. His extensive knowledge of airfield and air terminal operations, combined with his proven abilities as a strong leader will serve our customers and our employees well.”

CAV International, with head offices in Greenville, SC, operates in the military outsourcing arena, and has an established reputation for quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in its performance for the US Government. The company maintains a lean cost model, and offers its Government and Prime Contractor customers an absolute cost advantage and measurably superior quality metrics on a consistent basis. In 2010, CAV estimates it will perform over 625,000 man-hours of quality-driven professional services, handle over 16,000 USAF airplanes, process over 750,000 in-transit military passengers, and manage over 150,000 tons of cargo. Experts in airfield services & logistics, CAV International currently serves USTRANSCOM and the USAF Air Mobility Command at numerous locations, including the DOD’s and USTRANSCOM’s most active contracted aerial port in the world, Abdullah Al Mubarak Airbase in Kuwait. CAV also serves US Navy air operatives at Rota, Spain. In the past several months, CAV has won roughly $120 Million in new multi-year contracts with the USAF and US Navy, including its most recent successes in Spain and at 11 airfields in Latin America.

CAV International is one of the three operating subsidiaries of Ranger International Services Group, Inc.  Ranger is a private equity consolidation platform that buys and builds aerospace/defense services companies. This consolidation is the latest venture created by Ranger Aerospace LLC. Ranger and its co-investors add value to acquired companies via seasoned veterans experienced in an array of aerospace/defense operations, business services, marketing, engineering, and private equity. CAV International, Inc. was ranked #573 on the 2009 “Inc. 5000” with three-year sales growth of 471% from 2005 through December 31, 2008.  Sister companies of CAV are US Logistics and Ranger TechWorks.

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