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ACL Airshop Unveils Plans to Double Size of Business - Air Cargo News Magazine

March 16, 2017

By Justin Burns, Air Cargo Week
ULD firm ACL Airshop has unveiled ambitious plans to double the number of container stations it runs around the world.
At a press conference at the IATA World Cargo Symposium, the Greenville-headquartered company revealed that its investors were backing the company to increase the number of stations it operates from 37 today to around 75 within the next five to seven years, including ten repair stations.
ACL, which offers ULD product manufacturing, leasing, selling, repair and management, will also aim to increase the number of units it owns from 40,000 to 100,000.
To start the ball rolling, the company is adding five new stations this year, plus adding repair station capabilities at its operations in Hong Kong and Bogota. Last year the company added four new hubs, including a new station at Narita Airport where 60% of all cargo into and out of Japan is processed, and enhanced operations at three others.
Other new stations added in 2016 were Bogota, Beijing and Mexico City, while the three enhanced stations were Texas, Houston and California.
President, chief executive and director of parent firm Ranger Aerospace, which partnered with the company in March 2016, Steve Townes said he hoped the company could even triple its business: “We have the capital capability and the strategic will to make it happen.”
President and chief executive officer Anthony Morgan said: “We are going to replicate the footprint and expand the footprint to more than 70 locations. We want to have equipment when you need it where you need it.”
He said that the majority of new stations would be in Asia and South America based on demand growth and customer demand.
Townes said the company was also not shy of making acquisitions, as it had in the past, but there was “nothing on the radar” at the moment and organic growth was its priority.
There are also plans for existing stations, Townes said, and the company will build a new headquarters and factory location in the Greenville area, move to newer facilities at JFK and consolidate facilities in Amsterdam.