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Steve Townes is Named Chairman of ACL Airshop

June 22, 2017

ACL Airshop, a worldwide leader in air cargo products and support services has named Steve Townes as Chairman and Gary R. Langford Chief Financial Officer. Tony Morgan, President and CEO of ACL Airshop, said “Having exceptional leaders like this on our team is further strengthening our strategy for global expansion.”
Mr. Langford contributes over 25 years of accounting, finance and corporate development experience with middle market companies. He has held senior finance positions with a number of diverse manufacturing companies, both public and private, and has owned several entrepreneurial endeavors. He was the former Chief Financial Officer of Prospect Brands, a wearable technology company, and of Revolution Lighting, a NASDAQ company focused on advanced LED lighting technologies.
Mr. Townes said, “Gary Langford brings solid financial acumen to this important role.” Townes is the CEO of Ranger Aerospace and has been heavily involved in leadership, governance, and expansion since the buyout of ACLAS in February 2016.
Mr. Langford commented, “I appreciate, and am honored by this opportunity. The CFO position allows me to work closely with an incredible group of people across the globe in a dynamic company environment. I’m confident in our ability to work together and grow as the leader in Custom ULD Solutions for our customers.”
Both of these executive appointments were enacted by the ACL Airshop, LLC Board of Managers, and affirmed by the Board of Directors of Ranger Airshop Holdings, Inc.
ACL Airshop is a leader in products and services for the global air cargo industry. Over the past 34 years, ACL Airshop has become a leading worldwide one-stop-shop for leasing, sales, repair and fleet control of Unit Load Devices (“ULDs”) and cargo net/strap manufacturing for the aviation industry. Today, the company operates around the world on six continents and at more than half of the world’s Top 50 air cargo hub airports. One of the unique aspects of the company’s offerings is short-term rentals and leasing solutions for airlines’ cargo products requirements—that is where ACL Airshop has made its strongest reputation for Custom ULD Solutions.
For more information, please visit or contact the Ranger Aerospace office.