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Post-Merger Integration Proceeding Successfully with Rangerís Latest Strategic Buyer, Including Acquisition of Hawthorne Services, Inc.

June 01, 2013


GREENVILLE, S.C. – Ranger International Services Group, Inc., the latest platform company of Ranger Aerospace LLC and other institutional investors, was acquired in 2012 by the $1.1 Billion Berger Group Holdings, Inc., a privately-held global engineering company. Since that time, post-merger integration and synergy efforts have been continuous and positive. Re-branding to “Louis Berger Services” fully occurred within 100 days post-acquisition, so that the enterprise could take advantage of the larger, global, 60-year brand of Berger Group. Primarily through attrition, SG&A overhead expenses were trimmed by roughly 30% in the face of Sequestration, a timely move given shifting market forces. Steve Townes remains the CEO of the technical services enterprise that he sold to Berger, and also has become a Shareholder of Berger Group securities. A new team of Officers was promoted into place, as part of the pre-existing succession plan, thus avoiding replacing the attrition savings, yet actually invigorating the organization. The logistics businesses in Fayetteville NC were consolidated seamlessly into Greenville SC. Less than 1 year after the buyout, we acquired Hawthorne Services, Inc., of Charleston SC, a fueling and facilities services company. Hawthorne is smoothly integrating into the family of companies, with high affinity across the South Carolina business units. The combined businesses have won new contracts as a direct result of their new critical mass, such as participation in the “AFCAP” efforts overseas, and a new “IDIQ” order with the US Corps of Engineers and DLA-Energy. This enterprise continues to seek new growth channels for organic growth, while remaining on the lookout for more acquisitions. Constant vigilance on Quality—Safety—FAR Compliance remain the hallmarks of the company, and making sure that we are an exemplary employer for outstanding people with “The Right Stuff.”

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