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ACL Airshop Doubles Global Business in 3 Brisk Years, Plus New Factory, and New Technology Investments

June 01, 2019

In the three years since acquiring ACL Airshop, Ranger has more than doubled the business in each of its worldwide dimensions. The ULD fleet (containers, pallets, etc.) has been doubled to over 50,000 units. The airport service locations have doubled to more than 50 of the Top 100 air cargo hubs in the world. The supply chain has doubled to now include manufacturing resources in South Carolina USA, Germany, China, and Taiwan. Ranger built an ultramodern new cargo products factory for ACL Airshop in Greenville SC, rather than outsourcing those activities overseas. New investments in innovative technologies such as “ULD Control,” “FindMyULD,” upgraded ERP System, sophisticated Operations Centers, and Bluetooth tracking and tracing are yielding better customer service and true competitive differentiation. These heavy growth investments have also doubled the overall financial performance of the company. 2018 was the best year in the company’s 36-year history. It has been a positive, forward-moving partnership of transformation for ACL Airshop.