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Prior Investments

Ranger and its institutional co-investors have a long and successful track record with investments in a variety of strategic companies:

Keystone Helicopter Corporation

Ranger Saudia, LTD

Composite Technology, Inc.

Ranger Composites LLC

US Logistics, Inc.

Ranger International Services Group (now Louis Berger Services Group)

Keystone HeliPlex (via Ranger Property Holdings LLC)

KeyTech ("DAS" FAA-licensed engineering unit)

Aircraft Service International Group

ASIG Europe Ltd.

LAX-Fuel Corporation

SkyTanking GmbH

Elsinore Aviation

CAV International, Inc.

Ranger Rotorcraft Group, Inc. (now Rotorcraft Services)

Ranger TechWorks, Inc.

Ranger Aerospace & Aeronautics, Inc.

Ranger Partners Group, LLC