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Ranger Aerospace Confirms Acquisition Effort on Hudson General

February 15, 1999

Greenville SC – Ranger Aerospace Corporation confirmed today that it is making an aggressive effort to acquire all of the outstanding stock of Hudson General Corporation (AMEX: “HGC”). Numerous news articles have appeared in the past several weeks in Reuters, Bloomberg, PR Newswire, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and other outlets, stating that Ranger and other possible acquirers were attempting to take over Hudson in what Bloomberg termed a “bidding war” that Ranger initiated several weeks ago with its unsolicited take-over offer to Hudson. Ranger has presented Hudson with a complete proposed Merger Agreement document. The Ranger offer stated that Ranger’s interest in acquiring Hudson stems from long respect for Hudson’s operational excellence, and a strong interest in establishing a strategic partnership with Lufthansa’s GlobeGround unit. Steve Townes, Ranger’s founder and CEO, said, “Hudson, if combined with Ranger’s largest subsidiary, would be a perfect fit with our consolidation strategy in the aviation services industry.” Ranger is well known to be actively seeking additional acquisitions, has conducted deal inquiries with numerous companies, has performed due diligence on several companies large and small, and has specific negotiations underway on certain acquisition opportunities at this time.

Ranger is an investment and management company that adds value to its aviation services business units through quality improvement programs, workforce training initiatives and incentives, capital re-investment, innovative leadership, and aggressive marketing. Ranger and its subsidiaries operate with 3000 employees on 35 major airports in North America and Europe. Ranger is growing through acquisitions and internal re-investments with the objective of creating a very large quality driven market leader in aviation services. Ranger and its business units have already become one of the largest independent airfield services companies in the world. Ranger is privately held by its management and by large institutional investors and venture capital entities.