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InTech Aerospace Joins Forces with Ranger AeroSystems

April 17, 2015

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) April 16, 2015
InTech Aerospace LLC, a steadily growing aviation technical services firm specialized in commercial and government airplane interiors and components, has taken on growth investors by joining forces with Ranger AeroSystems LLC. Based in Houston TX, InTech Aerospace has more than doubled in size in just the past three years, and is now poised for accelerated growth as commercial airlines fleets keep expanding. Performing a variety of overhaul, repair, and retrofit chores chiefly on aircraft interiors and related components on fixed-wing planes, InTech Aerospace today enjoys a client list that includes regional airlines, mainline carriers, large OEM’s, aircraft leasing companies, government airplanes, and major MRO facilities.
Ranger AeroSystems of Greenville SC is the latest investment platform created by Ranger Aerospace. Ranger brings additional capital strength and management resources to support InTech’s continuing growth, with three previous large-scale successful aerospace services consolidation platforms to Ranger’s credit since 1997. The plan is to enhance and expand InTech Aerospace through internal investments and organic growth, entering new lines of technical capacity, expanding geographically, and acquiring complementary companies.
InTech’s served markets show strong underpinnings for long term growth. InTech Aerospace finds itself in a period of unprecedented expansion in commercial aerospace. The airlines’ fleets of large and regional planes are expected to double in their numbers in the next 20 years (forecasts by Boeing and Airbus), and interiors tend to wear out with heavy use, requiring periodic overhaul and upgrade. Published reports recently cited over $4.5 Trillion in new orders for commercial planes through the year 2033, and all of those planes (which will fly for 30 to 35 years or more) represent an “Installed Base” of many millions of man-hours of required repairs and refurbishments. That aftermarket phenomenon of recurring repairs is where InTech predicts its most aggressive growth in the next 5 to 10 years.
Known as the “interior experts,” Intech Aerospace has teams of highly experienced craftspeople and FAA-licensed aircraft technicians in these areas:
• Seat Shop (anything that needs to be done with airline seats–anything). This is the #1 refurbishment item in commercial airliners’ interiors.
• Soft Goods (leathers, fabrics, sheepskin–the sewing galleries are beehives of expert activity)
• Interior Structural Components & “Monuments” (sidewalls, ceilings, window surrounds, closets, overhead bins, and other interiors structures)
• On Site Interior Removal and Installation Teams (allowing MRO and Airline technicians to focus on other tasks and priorities of aircraft maintenance)
• Lavatory Assemblies (frequently needing refurbishment, InTech repairs and refurbishes lavatories & other onboard systems)
• Galley Equipment & Coffee Makers (repairs and upgrades for anything in the airborne kitchen)
• Plastics (Tedlar, composites, vacuum-forming, a whole variety of specialty materials skills)
• Owner Produced Parts (need something special? InTech can make it happen)
• Build to Print Services (from design and engineering support to expert installations).
• V.I.P. Interiors (fully capable of handling large VIP interior updates. Experience includes high-security transport planes).
Todd Wilkinson, President of InTech Aerospace, and formerly the airline vice-president who was running InTech and who later acquired it, said: “We take care of all the aircraft interiors tasks with high quality/reliability and an absolute cost advantage for our airline and MRO customers, freeing-up their technicians for other priorities in the complex, time-critical tasks of airplane maintenance. In order to keep expanding, we looked around for like-minded growth partners from the aerospace industry, not just capital. It was important to select an investment group that knows the airplane MRO segment. By teaming with Ranger AeroSystems, we found deep industry expertise, proven growth experts, and very robust investment funds. We believe we’re putting InTech Aerospace onto an expansion track that will be excellent for our customers, employees, and suppliers. The quality and cost-effectiveness of our work is assured through the scores of superbly trained and deeply experienced craftspeople and aircraft technicians who call InTech home. This growth partnering gives InTech a whole new path forward.”
InTech Aerospace intends to invest for growth in each of its lines of business, and expand geographically, to keep pace with rising industry trends.
Steve Townes, founder of Ranger Aerospace and CEO of Ranger AeroSystems, stated: “We are honored to join the people of InTech Aerospace on a quality-centered growth plan aimed at superior customer service.”
Additional Information can be found on the web at and Reach InTech Aerospace at PH 281.810.4400.
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